"What you say is in the air, but what you write is always there..."

Michael Angelo Tata received his M.A. in Creative Writing/Poetry from Temple University, his M.A. in Liberal Studies from the New School for Social Research, and his Ph.D. in English Literature through the CUNY Graduate Center.

His Poetry has appeared in the journals Rattle, Xanadu, In Posse Review, Gertrude, LinQ, Blood Lotus, Origami Condom, Ugly Couch, Lit, Lungfull, eye: rhyme and kenning. His first chapbook of poems, The Multiplication of Joy into Integers, won Blue Light Press’s 2003 poetry prize. His poetry has also appeared in the collection This New Breed: Bad Boys, Gents and Barbarians 2 (Port Orchard [US]: Windstorm, 2004) and has been included in New York City reading series at Zinc and the Ear Inn.

His Philosophy was selected by Intertheory Press for their fourth title in 2010, when they published his book Andy Warhol: Sublime Superficiality. It has also appeared in the journals Parallax (Routledge) rhizomes, Nebula, Bad Subjects, Found Object and to the quick, as well as the neurological compendium Neurology and Modernity: A Cultural History of Nervous Systems 1800-1950 (Palgrave Macmillan), the Madonna Studies anthology Madonna’s Drowned Worlds: New Approaches to Her Cultural Transformations (Newcastle [UK]: Ashgate, 2004) and the Critical Studies compilation From Virgin Land to Disney World: Nature and Its Discontents in the USA of Yesterday and Today (New York: Rodopi, 2001). His work has also been an integral part of the Cambridge Scholars anthologies Americanization of History: Conflation of Time and Culture in Film and Television (2010), Passage to Manhattan: Critical Essays on Meena Alexander (2010), Literature of New York (2009) and The Globetrotting Shopaholic: Consumer Spaces, Products and Their Cultural Spaces (2009). In 2009, a special panel including Joseph Tabbi and Dene Grigar was based on Dr. Tata's concept of "the e-ject" at the Digital Arts and Culture conference at the University of California, Irvine. He has also presented his ideas and concepts at Duke and Florida Atlantic Universities.

“To whomever Michael Angelo Tata might have applied his literary brilliance, the result would have been dazzling. In this, I was the fortunate target. There is not a writing I am aware of that comes as close as his to a creditable analysis of The Transfiguration of the Commonplace. His own thesis in the curiously titled Andy Warhol, Sublime Superficiality has been missed by everyone who has written about Warhol. The book is full of wit and learning, and deserves to be read by humanists everywhere."

Arthur C. Danto

"Cram-packed with stimulating ideas, written with great verve, this book is continuously invigorating in ways that few academic books are. Buy it!"

David Carrier

"Michael Angelo's brilliant sequence showcases a mind unafraid to dance on the edge. Self-posessed, disembodied, the poems radiate scientific poise. Steeped in theory, they breathe a lyric ether, beyond reproach or interpretation"

Wayne Koestenbaum

His Graffiti earned him an apprenticeship at Philadelphia's The Fabric Workshop and Museum in 1994, where he produced an edition of wearable poem-scarves. It has also appeared in the British journal Rattle.

His Teaching is epitomized by the various interdisciplinary seminars he has offered through the departments of English, Comparative Literature and Women's Studies at the City University of New York's Hunter College. These colloquia focused specifically on the work and cultural importance of rapper Tupac Shakur, international socialite Quentin Crisp and pop icon Madonna, among other public figures. On the basis of the overwhelming success of these seminars, he was awarded the Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence in 2002 and dubbed "John Keats meets Janice Dickinson" by his colleagues.

In the Advertising world, he has performed as Writer and Copy Supervisor for Fortune 50 companies (primarily Pfizer, PriCara, MetLife, Hewlett-Packard, AARP, American Express and Dell). He also possesses a formal background in Biology, and has worked closely on trichromacy theories of vision and on the effect of neurotoxins on spinal cord structure and function.

Michael Angelo has additionally served as a bi-weekly columnist for large-print New York City print and online publications under various noms de plume. He has also reviewed Electronic and Dance Music CDs from Star69 Records, as well as for internationally eponymous DJs, like Junior Vasquez, Peter Rauhofer and Danny Tenaglia.

Lastly, he currently Serves as US Editor-in-Chief for the Australian cultural studies journal nebu[lab] under the directorship of Dr. Samar Habib, and as US Editor for the Doodlescope Project, a compendium of thought about graffiti and doodling, at the University of Macao under the auspices of Dr. Kit Kelen.

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